Working towards positive sideline support

You want to support your son or daughter with their weekend sport ?

You work full time and weekends are sacred ?

You manage, coach and even umpire for your kids' club, whether it's football, rugby, netball or cricket.

But it only takes one parent on the sidelines to make your life a misery and make you regret that you ever stuck your hand up to help.

Why do some parents feel they can belittle the efforts of volunteer umpires ?

What can we do?

The extroverts out there would confront them, but what about those shy, introverted types who are not so brave?

Those are the ones who will walk away feeling down and upset, and take it to heart.

How can we turn this wave of sideline bullies to make sport fun and enjoyable for the kids, parents and most importantly volunteers ???

We can follow the Positive Sideline Supporters Code:

#1 Cheer smart - Learn about the game, so you can encourage friends and family to take part.
#2 Cheer with honour - Respect the rules and traditions of the game, and all participants.
#3 Cheer proud - Set an example of fair play for alls; Give the cold shoulder to abuse & bad sports.
#4 Cheer fair - Be dignified and gracious whatever the result, whatever the ruling.
#5 Cheer loud - Give it heaps in a way that lets everyone know we love the game.