Club Notices

Clubs may wish to post general notices, presentation evenings, celebrations and uniform or equipment sales. To have information posted on this page please email CNC Communications.​​​​​​​ We are more than happy to create an image from the information you submit to us or you may submit your own image. Any information will also be posted on the CNC Facebook page.

Players looking for Clubs

​To have a listing placed please send a message to our Facebook page or email us.

To enquire about a player please contact them directly or email us.

CNC player notice(s). ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Lauren is 24 and moved to New Zealand in February from Dublin. She would love to join a social netball team; she has experience playing through her school years. Please email (8/6)

Tania is in her 40s and is a shooter. She is also happy to be a fill in if needed. Please contact (18/5)

Deborah is in her late 30s. She has not played netball in a while but can play anywhere but center😉. Please contact (1/5)

Dani is in her early 30s and can play shooting positions or WA. Please contact (30/4)

Alex is 28 and she plays WA. She can also play GA and C, but they are a bit rusty. She last played in 2016 and is looking for a social team to join. Please email (22.4)

We have a player in her early 20s looking for team. She plays WA/WD and played Challenge Round and Open Grade last year. Would prefer to be in a coached, semi-competitive team if possible. If you have a position available, please make contact with Sarah Wenborn from Kereru Netball ( (21.4)

Shanara is in her early 20s and is looking to get back into netball so would be looking for a social team (though she has spent time at the NZIS). She plays GS, WD and GD. Please email (17.4)

Tivinia is looking to join a competitive netball team. She has recently moved from Dunedin where she was playing in Prem A and B. She plays GK and GS. Please email (14.4)

Juanita is in her late 40s and looking for a social team to join. She has not played for 15 years but keen to get back into it. She plays mostly midcourt but can play other positions. Please email (10/4)

Emma is 26 and plays WA/WD. She is looking for a more social team to play with. She can be contacted via email to (29.3)

Lorna is in her late 20s and is looking for a social netball team. She usually plays GD, but could play anywhere. though perhaps not shooting. Please contact her via email to. (29.3)

Martha and Georgie are looking for a social but competitive team to play in (challenge/open grade). Martha’s positions: C, WA, WD; Georgie’s positions: GK, GD. Please email (27.3)

Jacinta is 40 and looking for a social netball team. She plays C and WA, but prefers WA. She can be contacted via email to (23.3)

If a player's name has been removed, they have found a team.

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