​​​​Rōpū | Christchurch Netball Centre Committees 

In your Christchurch Netball Centre community, there are many people who give their time and energy as advocates for the game we all love.

Today, we have a small team of dedicated staff who serve the CNC community in specific roles:

General Manager (Tom Houghton), Netball Delivery (Janna Hooper), Netball Development (Julia van Dyk), Community and Participation (Sara Norton), and Marketing and Engagement (Sara Essig Webb).

Some of our most experienced members belong to CNC committees, where they contribute insights and experience to the Centre in different areas.

​​​​​​​Competitions Committee - with Janna Hooper
Lee McKenzie, Karen Jamieson, Theresa Smith, Brenda Bickerstaff, Helen Belcher

The Competitions Committee organises all grading of teams, sources volunteer graders, office assistants, game card checkers and works alongside the Draws Manager to ensure a Draw is produced for each round of games and in doing this endeavours to obtain quality games for all teams entered from Premier down to Under 12 grades. The Committee is willing to hear of new ideas, thoughts and proposals on improving the competition at all levels. 

Game Development (including Representative) Committee - with Julia van Dyk

Adrianne Hayes (Convenor), Margaret Western, Anna Kennedy, Keely Kira, Chelsea Kennedy

Game Officials Committee 

Vicki Harrington, Maree Morel, Rebecca Reside, Kay Norris, Aleisha Llewellyn, Shelly Swain

Community and Participation Committee - with Sara Norton

Landie Blair, Carrie Eade, Natasha Austin, Zoey Francis, Pam Ormandy