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Pūtahi Poitarawhiti ki Ōtautahi

Since 1921, our responsibility as the Christchurch Netball Centre has been to grow a love for the game across Ōtautahi and beyond.

We are a community bringing together clubs, schools, volunteers and families across Greater Christchurch. CNC has the privilege of bringing netball competition and community events to people of all ages and abilities. 

We are one of the largest netball centres in Aotearoa, developing players, coaches and umpires. We are advocates for the value of fun, participation and skill development to wellbeing at all stages of life.

The Christchurch Netball Centre actively supports volunteer umpires and officials, given their critical responsibilities for game management. We acknowledge their contribution and celebrate their dedication to the game. We insist that all Christchurch Netball participants and supporters, volunteers and staff are treated with respect and appreciation.

To continue to serve our community with opportunities to connect, compete and grow, Christchurch Netball Centre remains committed to a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.

Strategic Plan | Christchurch Netball Centre (CNC) | 

Pūtahi Poitarawhiti ki Ōtautahi

Vision | Te Whāinga Matua
Enriching the lives of our netball community and igniting a lifelong love of netball.

Purpose | Te Koronga
Boldly lead the growth of a flexible and inclusive netball Centre, fostering a culture of fun, development, aspiration and success.
Strategic Pillars | Te Whāinga Rautaki

Participation and Pathways Increase the number of people participating in and enjoying netball by providing a range of opportunities for all to develop, succeed and have fun.

Presence Sustain, grow and promote all aspects of netball in our Centre so that we can provide quality experiences now and in the future.

Sustainable and Protection Be the kaitiaki of netball in our city and lead a strong and sustainable Centre.
Partnerships and Collaboration Foster equitible partnerships internally and externally that strengthen all aspects of our sport.y

Facility Development Develop a network of quality facilities for netball that meet the needs of our community.

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Strategic Plan (complete document)

To view the Christchurch Netball Centre 2021-25 Strategic Plan: click here.


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Annual Report 2022 (complete document)

View the Christchurch Netball Centre 102nd Annual Report (Year ended 31 October 2022)