A number of NetballSmart workshops and courses are held at CNC each year as well as a number of mass warm up sessions.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The 6 principles

NetballSmart is an evidence-based framework made up of 6 principles. It helps improve your performance in sport by preventing injuries.

Smart Preparation

Smart Preparation prepares the mind and body before you reach the court.

Dynamic warm-up, cool down and recovery

Warming-up before Netball prepares you for the upcoming activity. Cooling down prepares you for the rest of the day, while recovery prepares you for the next training session or game.

Smart Movement

Smart Movement is developing a player’s skill and technique correctly which allows them to compete and enjoy their sport.

Smart Training

Smart Training is ensuring the players body is prepared to play. This includes loading, endurance, strength, power and flexibility.

Smart Player Wellbeing/Welfare

Smart Player Well-being/Welfare is ensuring there is a holistic awareness and approach to a player’s health and wellbeing.

Smart Injury Management

Smart Injury Management is ensuring injuries are identified, assessed and reported early.

<<<< ACC and Netball New Zealand have developed several resources for coaches, players and umpires that are designed to help enhance performance and prevent injury.

Contact your NetballSmart Centre Activator for any information on email / 021 212 6081

You can find more tips, videos and resources on the NetballSmart website.

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Preparation Programme

The length of this programme is normally 4 - 6 Weeks, but it can be adapted depending on your needs and stage of the season.

Grow your physical capacity, fitness and strength, core and balance so you are ready for the Netball when it starts and also to support your game play during the season. In addition exercising regularly helps with overall health and mental wellbeing. Grow your capability, reap the rewards and enjoy your Netball.

“A player who can cope with the physical demands can explore the game”
Sandra Edge, Silver Fern #75

Participation: This programme has been developed for Secondary School players in mind but is a useful resource that can be used for all Netball players who want to prepare well for a season and get the most out of their Netball. It complements other Netball Programmes that have been developed by Netball New Zealand (NNZ).

You can access the document below.